Ravin Group has comprehensive solutions including design, supply and installation of Extra-High Voltage cables for power transmission directly from power plant sites to primary distribution networks.

Extra high voltage cable systems form an integral part of electricity transmission and distribution networks throughout the world. Such systems were traditionally installed in built-up areas in places with restricted space and in regions of natural beauty or ecological value where the use of overhead lines is not appropriate.However, today they are widely adopted and infact preferred over other systems.

Ravin Group provides a complete range of solutions for all Extra high voltage cable systems and accessories.

Conductor: Cross section up to 3000 mm2
Copper: Stranded, Milliken
Aluminum: Stranded, Solid, Milliken
Insulation: XLPeSuperClean (dry curing and cooling) or EPR
Insulation technology: CCV(centenary line)
Metallic Screen / Sheath: Extruded (corrugated aluminum or lead alloy); Laminate (copper, glued or welded aluminum); Composite (copper wires + laminate/extruded)
Sheathing: HDPE with extruded layer of semiconducting material
Voltage Grade: >150 kV upto 500 KV
Specification: Cables are as per BIS/IEC or other international standards