• Ravin with its vast experience in the Power and Energy sector also specializes in setting up of large scale solar installation projects. Our global approach and research in technology is aimed towards delivering sustainable and efficient solar solutions to all our clients. Our offerings in the solar space include :

    • Rooftop mounted systems
    • Solar single axis, dual axis and unipolar tracker systems
    • Solar mobile tracking system(SMS 5.4)
    • Solar water pumping solutions
    • Home lighting systems and
    • Solar chargers & lanterns.

    With its vast experience in completing large EHV projects, Ravin also specialises in offering EPC services in the installation of solar projects which comprises of the following services,

    • System design
    • Design and selection of components
    • Supply of quality materials,
    • Installation, testing, commissioning and
    • Ensuring full reliability of the installation.
    • Ravin helps you to get the best out of the unused spaces.
    • Any rooftop can be converted into a solar power plant with Ravin Rooftop Solar PV Installation Solutions.
    • As far as the roofs are in good condition, Rooftop Solar PV Systems can be installed on any roof, which will help in harnessing the ever abundant energy of the sun into electricity.
    • Ravin has an expertise in installing various types of Rooftop Installation, these can be systems mounted on your Sloping Roofs, Solar Tiles, Systems with Single/Dual Axis Tracking.
  • Solar Tracker is a device that is designed to harness the maximum amount of solar energy from the sun, by orienting or aligning the payload towards the sun. Apart from being used to focus the arrays of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells directly to the sun, they are also used for focusing mirrors, reflectors or lenses that are used for concentrated solar power units.

    • Single Axis Tracking System : A single axis system is most commonly used for most standard PV Power Plant. Single axis solar trackers rotate in one direction, moving back and forth. These types of trackers usually have simple levers which can be used to tilt the panels depending on the season, so that it can harness maximum energy from the sun.

      This is the type of tracking system apt for residential solar arrays, as well as many smaller commercial arrays. As compared to dual axis trackers, single axis trackers allow much lesser exposure to the suns rays, their main advantage lies in the price as compared to Dual Axis Tracking Systems.

    • Dual Axis Tracking System : These are typically used in concentrated solar power systems as well as Photovoltaic Power Systems, where it becomes necessary to completely orient the mirrors or solar modules towards the sun to ensure maximum generation.

      As indicative, they move in two directions, on the both horizontal and vertical axis making complete use of the sun’s rays for the entire day.

      With a dual axis tracking system more energy can be generated from a given land area, as compared to fixed tilt installation or Single Axis.

    • Unipolar Tilted Tracking Systems :
      • This is a unique design which performs the role of single as well as dual axis.
      • Can be used for large as well as smaller installations.
      • Generation is between single axis and dual axis systems.

    A fully automated solar mobile generating unit by Ravin which will provide uninterrupted wherever the sun is. If you are looking for low cost, reliable, on site, continuous supply of power then SMS 5.4 is your solution. A complete solar power solution that has the following features :

    • Plug and play model
    • Tracked system, gives enhanced generation
    • Convenient to use
    • Quick deployment
    • Easily transportable
    • Provides reliable power
    • BTS for communication(optional)
    to know more, view Solar mobile tracking system catalogue
  • Ravin Solar Cables are intended for use in photovoltaic power supply systems and similar applications as free movable, free hanging, fixed installation and buried in ground in constructional covered systems. The cables can be used indoor, outdoor, in explosion hazard areas, in industry and agriculture. They are suitable for applications in/at equipment with protective insulation.

    • Built in Automatic Tracking Mechanism to maximize system output.
    • Clean and efficient.
    • Fully Unattended Automated Operation.
    • No Electricity / fuel Costs.
    • Easy Installation on Roof / On ground
    • Long Life over 20 years.
    • Low Maintenance.
    • Solutions upto 200 meters water Head.
    • Pump Capacity from 0.74 Hp to 24.8 Hp