Ravin Group provides comprehensive moisture management system solutions for power transformers.

We are the exclusive authorized distributors of Transec, UK, in India. Transec is a high end Moisture Management System which is designed and manufactured in the UK.

TRANSEC is an on-line molecular sieve, developed and manufactured in the U.K that will continuously remove water from the oil and from the paper insulation in a power transformer. This process not only reduces ageing, but will improve the dielectric strength

  • Economic and Low maintenance system that is easily installed and commissioned to a live transformer.
  • Uses oil as the transfer medium to extract water from the paper insulation, where 95% of water is retained.
  • Weigh-in, weigh-out following regeneration ensures control of exact amount of water removed during absorption cycle.
  • Integral in-line oil filter will trap particulate matter and improve the dielectric strength of the oil.
  • Can incorporate on-line monitoring of temperature and moisture in oil.

  • Reduces the effects of ageing on Transformers
  • Increases reliability and service life of transformers by continuously removing moisture and fibres.
  • Enables transformers to run on higher load cycles with reduced risk of failures.
  • Increases plant utilisation will allow capital expenditure to be deferred.

The TRANSEC system has the capacity to remove up to 10 litres of water from a transformer before saturation, by using insulation oil as the carrier. Plumbed into the oil circuit at high and low level, the zeolite molecular sieve material will chemically bond water molecules as the oil is pumped through the molecular bed. A 10 micron particulate filter will at the same time remove extraneous matter, such as fibres, which can become ionised, from the oil, improving its dielectric strength.

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