The Ravin Group was established in the year 1950, under its flagship Company, Ms Ravin Trading Company. India had just gained Independence and it was an era of shortages. Of Technology and of energy.
The Ravin group today comprises of various companies managing diverse business interests in the power and energy sector.

There is a great history behind the name of Ravin Trading Company, which was established in 1950 by Pramod Karia, with a meagre capital of Rs 35000. Later on, he inducted two of his brothers Jagdish Karia and Chandrakant Karia in the same firm. The name Ravin was conceptualized from the biggest source of energy present in the world – The Sun or Lord Surya, amongst whose various names is the name Ravi. The youngest of the brothers, Ravindra, was also named after the Sun God, and Ravin is also the short form of the name Ravindra. Not only that , the alphabets “RA” are also common to the names Pramod, Chandrakant and Ravindra. And “vin” is same pronunciation as “win”. And hence the name Ra vin(win) was chosen for the flagship Company and the group.

While setting up any business , the name Ravin invokes the blessing of the Sun God and is a symbol of the energy behind the name .

In 1982, with a view to go global, the brothers decided to formulate a Company. And thus Ravin Cables Pvt. Limited was formed by the three promoter brothers, viz Pramod, Jagdish and Ravindra. Ravin Cables Pvt Ltd later converted to a deemed Public company, and today comprises of highly qualified professionals with significant expertise in various markets and have been pioneers of change in the industry.

Later, other Companies live Ravin Infraproject Pvt Ltd, (specializing in projects and services), Ravin Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd, and Ravin Industrial Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, have been set up, signifying the strong growth of the Ravin brand , not only in India but also outside India.

The mother Company Ravin Trading Company, yet remains the owner of the name and brand Ravin. The partnership that was set up in 1961 yet goes strong with the decades of experience, ethics and quality service behind its name.

The Group's operates on its core values of Sustainability, Dependability and Safety to propel it to perform and excel in all spheres of activity. The group's focused approach towards project management enables the creation of world class projects and innovative solutions. Over the past decade Ravin Group with its motto of Evolving Technology and Energizing Lives has been instrumental in bringing new technology into Indian markets and population at large, enhancing the quality of lives that we touch.

The number of lives we energize determines our success at Ravin Group.