Ravin Group as part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has been contributing in numerous ways, directly as well as through the trust established by Karia Family namely Vidyaben Karia Charitable Trust. This became a source to aid various humanitarian and social activities though their main passion was education and second in line was medical aid

The focus of the group`s Corporate Social Responsibility is actively on education for young boys and girls and on medical treatment for the poor. The group contributes to the other charitable institutes like CRY (Child Relief and You), WVI (World Vision of India) and NASEOH (National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped) etc.

Ravin established their manufacturing base at Markal near Alandi,Pune which happens to be the birthplace of Sant Dyaneshwar. Since its commissioning in1997, the company is actively involved in the uplifting of the facilities provided in the village with special focus on education.

Mr Keshavraj Shlkshan Sanatha in Markal is a school with which Ravin has been associated from the year 2003 onwards. The school is currently from Vth Standard to XIIth Standard educating around 1200 students. Students have options to pursue any of the streams Arts/ Commerce/ Science after their high school. The building is consisting of 14 classrooms. The school faculty comprises of 23 teachers, 1 librarian and lab assistant each, apart from other administrative staff. Ravin has been instrumental in the construction of the new school

The school has achieved 100% pass percentage in HSC Exam in the results declared in February / March 2008, which is a record in Pune District and Taluka – Khed as well.

Villagers in Indian villages suffer from lack of funds for basic education especially for girls students, though the desire to educate them is tremendous. Recognizing need to educate the youngsters, particularly the girls. Ravin laid a special emphasis on the same. Constant interaction with the villagers and release various publications/ books in Marathi for the students has been a step in that direction.

Ravin Group through its desire to upgrade the facilities in the school has provided the school with various facilities

  • Financial help in construction of the school building
  • Supplying benches for the higher classes
  • Providing computers in the institution to help the villagers in maintaining contact with latest developments around the world and educate themselves to keep them abreast of the advanced technologies
  • Providing Scholarship to students on completion of SSC and HSC. Boys achieving 80% and above and girls achieving 75% and above in SSC are provided with Scholarship of Rs 5,000/- for further studies. Similarly, these amounts gets enhanced to Rs 12,000/- for achieving 75% and above in HSC
Various young students have already qualified for the Scholarships.

Apart from this Ravin Group has contributed in the following arenas:

  • Looking to set up on ITI in Market village and also discussing with various technical institutions to undertake professional and vocational courses.
  • Providing financial assistance to the students for Navin Madhyamik and Ucchhay Madhyamik Vidyalaya
  • Aid to Halal Lohara Balashram for construction of classrooms
  • Helping in the relief and constructions programme in earthquake striken Kutch. Mr Pramod Karia was an active trustee of an NGO which collected almost Rs 6 crore for the relief fund.
  • Providing funds for Army Central Welfare Organisation
  • Providing funds for victims of Orrisa Cyclone.
  • Involvement with Lions Club of Bombay for provision of free cataract operations for poor.
  • Mr Pramod Karia has been the Secretary Trustee of Raghukul Shikshar Nidhi and institution established to aid higher education and education in foreign countries. He was instrumental for almost 7 years in assessing the application from students and a sum of Rs 70 lakhs were distributed in his tenure
  • Along with like-minded donors Ravin is also distributing ration to 150 needy families. These rations are distributed every month