Ravin Group established in the year 1950, is one of India's fastest growing business groups. The group comprises companies managing diverse business interests in the power and energy sector.

The Ravin Group management board comprises of highly qualified professionals with significant expertise in various markets and have been pioneers of change in the industry.

The Group's values of Sustainability, Integrity and Innovation propel it to perform and excel in all spheres of activity.

Ravin Group offers comprehensive solutions across 5 verticals such as Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, EHV & Accessories, Trading, EPC Services in the fields of renewables, cable laying, cable jointing and termination, sub – stations etc.

The group's focused approach towards project management enables the creation of world class projects and innovative solutions.

With proven technical prowess in handling mega projects and superior project management expertise, the Group has powered infrastructure development in over 43 countries.

Over the past decade Ravin Group with its motto of Evolving and Energizing has been instrumental in bringing new technology into the cable and allied industries, enhancing the industry knowledge base.

Quality determines success at Ravin Group. Continuous process improvements are carried out to ensure complete satisfaction of the customer and market requirements.

Today the group operates with four building blocks as its philosophy –

- Quality
- Reliability & dependability
- Timeliness of execution
- Customer satisfaction